more trash talking

Having taken potshots at San Francisco with its “Battle of the Bay” campaign, Oakland is now waging a war against trash on its own turf.

The other city by the Bay this month launched a campaign centered on curbing graffiti, littering and dumping. Young & Rubicam in San Francisco created the pro-bono effort.

Two TV spots carrying the new tagline, “Don’t trash Oakland. It’s home,” recently broke in the Bay Area. The spots feature Lucille Oliver, a formidable African American matriarch who doesn’t take crap from anyone.

In one spot, Oliver’s kitchen has been transported to a grassy spot near Lake Merritt, a popular Oakland recreation destination. When Oliver sees two teenage girls littering, she makes them pick up and throw out their garbage. The idea is that the city should be kept as clean as your home.

The campaign also includes billboards, posters, direct mail and a Web site,

For Y&R president and CEO Penny Baldwin, the city beautification campaign hit close to home. She was born and raised in Oakland.