More Scotts For Shevack

Partners & Shevack/ Wolf has picked up ad duties worth $20 million on The Scotts Co.’s Roundup and Ortho herbicide brands in a consolidation by the client.
Scotts acquired the brands–which had been at BBDO West–from Monsanto earlier this year. Shevack here handles advertising for the client’s other brands, including its Miracle-Gro and Turf Builder fertilizers.
Stephen Hill, vice president, marketing in the Ortho group at Scotts, said it would be easier and more efficient to deal with one agency across the entire product line.
BBDO West in Los Angeles had handled Roundup since 1997 and Ortho since 1994. The Roundup campaign, introduced earlier this year, “in particular is absolutely moving the needle for us,” Hill said. “We think we have a terrific campaign on our hands.”
Scotts ultimately went with Shevack because of the work the shop has done for its other brands and because much of Scotts’ business is on the East Coast, Hill said. The Roundup and Ortho operations are moving from California to Scotts headquarters in Marysville, Ohio.
BBDO’s Roundup work featured talking weeds and the tagline, “No mercy. No pity. No weeds.” The client hasn’t decided whether to keep that tag or to make changes to the campaign, Hill said. Spending will likely go up once the account moves to Shevack next year, Hill said.
“We look forward to continuing the great work on these great brands,” said agency president Brett Shevack.
Scotts is BBDO West’s second recent significant account loss. The shop lost the estimated $5 million Starbucks business to Fallon McElligott in Minneapolis last month.
“These two events are unfortunate,” said Tom Hollerbach, president and chief executive officer at BBDO West, “but [it] is absolutely a consolidation issue.” Hollerbach said that Roundup sales had increased more than 30 percent following the agency’s campaigns. –with Angela Dawson