More Than Just Fun And Games

Veteran St. Louis adman Bob Cuneo has found himself on the client side after helping his brother, a psychologist, develop a board game designed to help children who have to testify in court.
The game, Kids in Court, was created by psychologist Dan Cuneo and educator Brenda Owen, both of whom are involved extensively in child abuse cases. Brado Cuneo, Bob Cuneo’s St. Louis ad agency, helped design the game and write the questions, all of which had to be approved by the Illinois Bar Association.
Cuneo then formed a company, Little Red Hen in Belleville, Ill., to produce and market the game, which sells for $175. Some aspects of the experience were unsettling for Cuneo, who is used to being on the other side. “We had to buy our own media, spend our own money,” he said.
“This isn’t the typical thing advertising agencies do,” Cuneo said of his involvement in the game. But he admits that “the whole thing has been a pretty rewarding experience.”
–Trevor Jensen