MORE Of The Good, Bad And Ugly

The Advertising Women of New York has made a call for entries for the second annual “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” awards.
The competition extols the virtues of good advertising featuring women, while vilifying stereotyped portrayals of females in ads.
The contest has unusual rules: Not only can agencies submit their own best work, but they can also send the worst submissions from competitors.
The entry form mailed to agencies states:
“It doesn’t matter if the ad is yours or your worst enemy’s. Just send it in.”
The deadline is July 10. Submissions must have run sometime after January 1997.
All “good ad” entries carry a $10 entry fee. “Bad” or “ugly” entries are free.
For an entry form, call 212-593-1950.
Young & Rubicam, New York, is creating ads (shown here) for the event. –Sloane Lucas