More Fun for the Trekkies

William Shatner fans have waited years—nay, decades—for a way to immortalize their beloved Capt. James T. Kirk (or Capt. T.J. Hooker, if you’re so inclined). But has done it, boldly going where no one has gone before by putting the face that launched 1,000 starships on its very own bobblehead doll. Book a vacation with Priceline before Halloween and you’ll get one.

Company rep Brian Ek said a Priceline market ing director who is a bobblehead-head thought it would be a great way to herald the “Price your own vacation” offering. It also further solidifies Priceline’s connection to the actor who has been its spokes man for most of the past four years—and who once stated, slowly and melodra matically, “I have never questioned the orders or the intelligence of any repre sentative of the Federation. Until now.” (“The Trouble with Tribbles,” Star Trek episode 42.)

“To our surprise, there had never, ever been a bobblehead commissioned of William Shatner,” said a flabbergasted Ek. “It’s really raised awareness. Bobble heads are the red-hot collectible right now, and they have real potential to be what the Beanie Babies were to the 1990s. And there’s only one way to get ’em, and that’s through Priceline. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.”

The ceramic, microphone-toting “Bobblin’ Bill” stands six inches tall and is perfect for mantle, desk or dashboard. Ek failed to fully explain why it doesn’t really look a thing like Shatner. However, he did suggest that Priceline’s customers could save even more on their vacations by selling the item on eBay.