More 3-D Ads Coming to a Theater Near You

More 3-D cinema ads are just around the corner. Nearly 14,000 movie theaters operated by the three largest theater chains are set to install digital projection systems from Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, a joint venture of AMC Entertainment, Cinemark Holdings and Regal Entertainment Group. The three chains formed DCIP to deploy digital projection systems to movie theater screens in the U.S. and Canada.

The rollout of the digital screens was made possible by $660 million of new financing, DCIP announced Wednesday (March 10).

The number of theaters that could handle 3-D advertising has limited 3-D cinema advertising. Screenvision aired the first 3-D ad for Wrigley last May, which aired for five weeks in more than 400 theaters. By the end of the year, only 7,736 theaters had digital projectors, per the Motion Picture Association of America.

With more film studios producing 3-D films, theaters are gearing up to attract moviegoers and lure advertisers with a new way to promote brands.

National CineMedia will premiere its first 3-D spot April 2 placed by Starcom MediaVest Group for Samsung Electronics to promote the world’s first 3-D LED TV. The ad, running through July, will run in select movie theaters in the NCM Cinema Network, which includes the three chains partnered in DCIP.

The Samsung :30 second 3-D spot, entitled Wonder-full, was created by Leo Burnett and asks the viewer, “Ever wonder how amazing it would be to experience life in another dimension?” In addition to cinema, ads will also run on TV.

“Samsung has long been an innovator in cinema advertising, so working together with them on the launch of their first 3-D campaign was a great opportunity,” said Cliff Marks, NCM Media Networks’ president of sales and marketing. “3-D is just the latest arrow in the quiver for marketers to use to engage movie audiences; it will be exciting to see how exceptional brands like Samsung continue to evolve creatively in our larger-than-life medium.”

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