Monty Python Scores Licensing Deals

For the past 40 years, Monty Python has been the poster child for the wild and wacky and now the property will be immortalized on greeting cards and posters in a series of new deals signed by PPC Enterprises.

“It’s great to have two such big names as Pyramid and Moonpig on board – they are adding to an ever growing list of licensees across a variety of sectors,” said Mark Hurry, legal and commercial director at PPC Enterprises. “There will be plenty more announcements to come as licensees know that Python has a huge following out there, even 40 years after it first hit the screen!” will create print-on-demand greeting cards, while Pyramid will produce posters featuring some of the best loved Python characters and catchphrases.

DVD sales for the original episodes and the films are still huge and the recent arrival of an official Monty Python site on YouTube has led to a huge surge in awareness for this classic brand. As a result, PPCE has been able to set up a series of Python licensing deals, including apparel, voice key chains and dress-up. Famous Forever Clothing has been signed up to produce a range of Python branded T-shirts, while ID Wall are producing Python canvas wall art.

Nielsen Business Media