Right After Debuting a Beyond Meat Sandwich, Dunkin’ Is Selling Bags of Bacon

Snackin' Bacon is just pouches of its Sweet Black Pepper Bacon

dunkin bag of bacon
Snackin' Bacon packs eight strips of bacon in a bag. Dunkin'
Headshot of Kathryn Lundstrom

Key insights:

Last month, Snoop Dogg stepped behind the counter at Dunkin’ to promote the doughnut chain’s new Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich.

This week, the brand launched a new product—with surprisingly little fanfare—firmly in the meat-from-animals category: literal bags of Snackin’ Bacon.

It’s hard to say whether the move amounts to a way to rebalance after the Beyond Meat launch in November, an attempt to tap into the trendy keto craze, or just the easiest possible way to launch a new product (it’s simply bagging sandwich bacon and selling it separately). Dunkin’ hasn’t yet launched a campaign to promote Snackin’ Bacon, but the debut has certainly turned heads among pork strip enthusiasts across the country.

The product, which is the main feature of Dunkin’s Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, consists of eight strips of Sweet Black Pepper Bacon in a sack. But other than a blog post on its website, Snackin’ Bacon isn’t featured on any of Dunkin’s social sites or advertising channels. The brand told Adweek that social promotion will be rolling out soon, with national advertising planned to launch next month.

“We think our fans will love Snackin’ Bacon, given the popularity of bacon in the U.S. and the success we’ve seen in recent years with a variety of breakfast sandwiches featuring seasoned bacon flavors,” said Drayton Martin, Dunkin’s vp of brand stewardship, pointing to the excitement that the brand has seen already on social media, including one YouTube food reviewer with a million subscribers who gleefully sang, “Dunkin, yo candy bacon ain’t fakin’!”

At the same time, Martin said the brand’s partnership with Beyond Meat is “very important to us, and the Beyond Sausage Sandwich has been a great way to make plant-based protein accessible to all.”

In January, Dunkin’ partnered with Snoop Dogg to debut a new Beyond Sausage Sandwich, featuring Beyond Meat’s plant-based meatless product. Snoop Dogg has been a longtime supporter of meat alternatives, as well as an investor in Beyond Meat. After Dunkin’ execs realized that he was also a longtime fan of the doughnut brand as well, they teamed up with the rapper for a promotional spot and signature sandwich: the Beyond D-O-Double G sandwich that consists of Beyond Sausage, egg and cheese served on a sliced glazed donut.

It’s part of a larger trend toward sustainable plant-based meat alternatives among fast food chains. White Castle debuted the Impossible Slider in 2018, and Burger King rolled out the Impossible Whopper nationally last year. Beyond Meat has landed its plant-based products at Subway, Del Taco and KFC. Most recently, furniture giant Ikea announced that it will offer a new plant-based version of its signature Swedish meatball.

Debuting a meat lovers product like Snackin’ Bacon in the midst of the plant-based meatless craze makes Dunkin’ look a bit like it’s bucking a trend. And after recruiting such a high profile celebrity for its Beyond Meat campaign, the quiet debut of Snackin’ Bacon seems as if the brand wanted to make sure the bacon fiends would still come out for a product like this in the current climate. And so far, it looks like they will.

Dunkin’ also announced the launch of a new Matcha Latte this week, which it has been heavily promoting on social.

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