“Crime Scene”

Good thing the CSI team doesn’t have a “take your friend to work day.” A new spot from BBDO New York shows what might happen if an investigative team had one such friend tag-along to a crime scene. The detectives go over the stats at a crime scene, as the hapless friend in shorts repeats their observations. Eager to participate, he proudly exclaims, “Found the weapon,” and muddies the evidence, a gun, with his own fingerprints. Then drops it. “Until there’s ‘take your friend to work day,'” explains the voiceover, “there’s career mapping,” a new tool offered by the job site that details career paths. A second commercial features a doctor’s exam scenario. In that one, the visitor prepares for the exam by putting on a rubber glove and is disappointed to learn he won’t be helping. The spots do a good job showing what the alternative to career mapping could be. But as mildly amusing as they are, the “take your friend to work day” theme could have been taken to funnier extremes. –Eleftheria Parpis