Monster Recruits Marketing Chief

NEW YORK Monster has tapped Gillette executive Carole Johnson as senior vice president of marketing. She replaces Peter Blacklow, who left Monster in January.

Johnson joins the company in the midst of an agency review, with briefs issued to 8-12 agencies due back at Monster today.

Johnson had mostly recently served as vice president of business service for Boston-based Gillette. She had been with Gillette for more than a decade.

Once the initial field is set, Monster will draw up a fictitious case study and ask the shops to craft a speculative campaign, Johnson said. It is undecided if a cut will be made after that, she added.

Blacklow has become CMO of online gaming concern WorldWinner.

Maynard, Mass.-based Monster, the No.1 employment site, in April ended its relationship with Havas’ Arnold, which created its current “Never settle” campaign.

Monster two weeks ago issued a brief to a select group of mainly East Coast agencies, sources said. The identities of the shops have not been disclosed. Monster spent $30 million on ads last year, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR. In the brief, the company touts its “marketing budget of $100-million-plus for North America,” and says it will consider “agencies that are among the top 75 in the world.”

—with Kristen Rountree