Money Talks

Women on the Web like to smirk about the wimpy values of their mothers’ generation. But mostly they like money.
Citron Haligman Bedecarr Euro RSCG gets that message across loud and clear in its first TV campaign for, a network of female-oriented Web sites.
Spots mimic type on a computer screen.
A time-worn clich about women is typed out, then a key word changed to humorously revamp the meaning. For example, “Never ask a woman her age” is replaced with “Never ask a woman her salary.” Similarly, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” becomes “401Ks are a girl’s best friend.”
Three of the six spots focus on money and investing; the others deal with parents, cooking and beauty. The soundtrack is retro “happy homemaker” music remixed to be modern and hip. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker provides the voiceover.
Forget all those tired empowerment themes, said agency copywriter Kelly Sopp. “We wanted to come across as confident and funny,” she said.
Not to mention affluent. -Joan Voight