Monday Miscellany

* Among the reasons Americans give for not buying long-term-care insurance, 42 percent say it’s too expensive. Seventeen percent think they’ll never need it; 15 percent believe such costs are covered by Medicare or Medicaid. (Mintel)
* Fourteen percent of computer users age 18 and older posted a comment on someone else’s blog during the week before being polled. Four percent viewed pornography or “adult content” online in that period. (The Barna Group)
* Squeezed by the economy, 75 percent of consumers say they’re buying “only the apparel and shoes their family needs.” (Deloitte & Touche)
* Though two-thirds of high-level executives consider themselves to be experts on money and investing, only half “actually enjoy” managing their own money. (Doremus)
* Baby boomers are bringing a steep increase in the number of knee-replacement surgeries, with the yearly total now around 500,000. (University of Michigan Health System)
* Thirty-three percent of lesbians/gays/bisexuals live in states that grant legal recognition to same-sex couples. (Hunter College Poll)