Monday Miscellany

* Sixty-six percent of women and 50 percent of men said they’ve read a book for pleasure “very recently.” (Rasmussen Reports)
* Senior executives are more apt to be passionate about home improvement (39 percent are) than about golf (32 percent). (Doremus)
* Fifty-four percent of American adults “believe there is a hell, where sinners who do not repent their sins go when they die.” Twenty-seven percent think there isn’t a hell; 19 percent aren’t sure either way. (Economist/YouGov)
* Some 15 million American adults suffer from social anxiety disorder (SAD). Of those diagnosed with SAD, 73 percent treat it with prescription drugs. But 20 percent believe “their doctor does not take their symptoms seriously.” (Anxiety Disorders Association of America)
* When transmission of broadcast TV signals goes digital next year, 9.2 million households could experience “receptivity problems.” More than 17 million now receive only over-the-air analog signals, and 54 percent of them are in “challenging reception areas.” (Centris)