Monday Miscellany

* Forty-two percent of baby boomers surveyed “have no idea if I’m managing my money well; I just hope for the best.” (The Futures Co./Yankelovich Monitor Minute)

* In a poll that asked women to cite the products that had the biggest impact on their lives in the past decade, cell phones/smart phones topped the list. Filling out the top five were Google, wireless connections, digital photography and supermarket convenience foods. (ShopSmart)

* If they could afford to make payments on only one of their debts, 48 percent would pay their mortgage; 17 percent would pay what they owe on their credit cards, and 13 percent on their auto loan. (Mintel)

* Sixty-five percent think executive pay and bonuses are “much too high,” and 22 percent think they’re “somewhat too high.” Two percent — perhaps the spouses of CEOs? — said executive pay and bonuses are much too low. (Ipsos Public Affairs/Reuters)

* Among respondents who have health insurance, 37 percent trust the insurer “a great deal” and another 37 percent trust it “a good amount” to handle their claims fairly. Eighteen percent trust their company “just some” and 7 percent “hardly at all.” (ABC News/Washington Post)

* Seventy-one percent of online gamers bought or received at least one game during 2009’s October-December holiday season, a figure not significantly different from that of the previous two years. (The NPD Group)