Monday Miscellany

* Asked to identify the social stratum to which they belong, 52 percent of respondents said “working class,” vs. 44 percent saying “middle class” and 4 percent “upper class.” (CNN/Opinion Research Corp.)

* Twenty-four percent “completely trust” the nutritional claims by Subway, outnumbering those who said the same about Chick-fil-A (12 percent), Quiznos (11 percent), Wendy’s (11 percent), KFC (8 percent) or Taco Bell (8 percent). (Decision Analyst)

* Respondents ranked atop a list of “most trusted and recommended brands in the U.S.” Filling out the top five were FedEx, Downy, Huggies and Tide. (Millward Brown/The Futures Co.)

* The number of teens who text on a cell phone (57 percent in the prior 30 days) last year surpassed the number who use instant messaging on a computer (42 percent). (Mediamark Research & Intelligence)

* Among small-business owners surveyed, 43 percent plan to pare business-development spending (on such things as advertising, inventory and capital outlays) in the next six months. Twenty-one percent expect to in-crease such spending. The rest think it will remain at current levels. (Discover Small Business Watch)

* If Congress doesn’t enact a healthcare-reform law this year, 14 percent of a poll’s respondents will be happy and 24 percent will be relieved. But 38 percent will be disappointed and 20 percent will be angry. (Kaiser Family Foundation)