Monday Miscellany

* Fifty-six percent of women surveyed said they often recommend a “well-liked beauty product” to others. Seventy-one percent said most of their beauty-product purchases are planned rather than impulse buys.  (Meredith Corp. Gamma Beauty Study)

* Don’t count on taxpayers to go on a spree when their IRS refunds arrive in the mail. Just 4 percent plan to “splurge on purchases such as a vacation or jewelry.” Half said they’ll use the refund to pay off debt (31 percent) or for savings (20 percent). Ten percent will spend it on “necessities.” Four percent said they will invest the money. The rest don’t expect to get a refund. (Ipsos Public Affairs for H&R Block)

* Among Twitter users surveyed online, 41 percent said most of those they follow on Twitter are people they have not met in the flesh. Forty-five percent said the same is true of most of their own followers. (Zogby Interactive)

* Eighteen percent think another big outbreak of H1N1 flu in the U.S. is “very likely” in the next 12 months. (Harvard School of Public Health)

* Forty-nine percent said they’ve reduced their charitable giving to nonprofit organizations other than churches. (The Barna Group)