Monday Miscellany

* The federal bailout/quasi-takeover of General Motors continues to be unpopular: 30 percent of respondents approve of it, 65 percent disapprove. (NBC News/Wall Street Journal)

* Forty-five percent say they or immediate family have donated money to relief efforts in Haiti. (KRC Research)

* Asked to say which “superhero” power they’d most like to have, 35 percent chose “ability to read people’s minds.” “Ability to fly” ran second (21 percent), trailed by “ability to become invisible” (19 percent), “super-strength” (13 percent) and “X-ray vision” (3 percent). (Vanity Fair/60 Minutes)

* In an online poll, 43 percent of prospective Super Bowl viewers say they will be online via Wi-Fi during the game; 44 percent say they’ll be surfing the Web during halftime rather than watching the show. (Wi-Fi Alliance/Wakefield Research)