Monday Miscellany

* Asked to say how they usually watch their “favorite prime-time television shows,” 69 percent of respondents say “on TV when they air.” Twenty percent usually watch “using DVR or TiVo” and 6 percent “on the Internet.” Women are more likely than men (75 percent vs. 64 percent) to say they watch the shows on TV when they air. (Vanity Fair/60 Minutes)

* Thirty-three percent of respondents say they trust the term “natural” on food labels. Forty-five percent trust “organic.” Meanwhile, just 3 percent say they’ve stopped buying organic products due to the tough economy. (Mintel)

* Asked to say “how things are going in your life in general,” 35 percent rate themselves “very happy” and 43 percent “somewhat happy.” Ten percent are “somewhat unhappy” and 5 percent “very unhappy.” (AP/GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media)

* Among women age 40-75, 27 percent are extremely/very concerned and 44 percent somewhat concerned about breast cancer. Fifty-eight percent disagree with new guidelines that recommend starting mammograms later and getting them less often. (Synovate)