For Moms Who Let You Be You

Tinsley Advertising in Miami taps various spiritual philosophies in a Mother’s Day spot for Mayor’s Jewelers.
“Where would you be without your mother?” asks the voiceover in an Asian accent. The query is answered visually with a lone tree on a hill with a super that reads “Bob.”
“Without her, there’s no telling what you may have become,” the voice continues, as images of a rock named “Rosa” and a blade of grass dubbed “Amy” appear on screen.
The voice then suggests showing Mom just how important she is with a gift from Mayor’s: “Because without your mother, you wouldn’t be you.” Punctuating that point is a frog named “Stan.”
“It’s funny in a thoughtful way,” explained Dorn Martell, Tinsley senior vice president and group creative director. He said the agency had several philosophies in mind as it worked on the spot, including Buddhism, Hinduism, animism, even Native American beliefs.
The ad breaks in Florida and Georgia markets later this month.–Katy Eckmann