Moms From This N.Y. Agency Offer Hilarious Advice to Their Kids in New Outdoor Campaign

Mother New York tells it like it is

It's almost Mother's Day, which means it's the perfect time to be reminded of some sage motherly advice, like the fact that your mom didn't waste nine months of her life not drinking wine for you to sit around complaining about your dumb job.

A new outdoor campaign from agency Mother New York is launching around New York, just in time to remind you that it's almost Mother's Day, and mom always knows best. The work includes billboards plastered with advice including, "Be the kind of person your dating profile promises," and ambient advertising, which includes small signs placed next to dog excrement reading, "I picked up yours, you pick up theirs." 

"There is a lot of talk about influencers these days, and I think our most influential people are the mothers, and our mothers. We wanted to have them give us an influential voice," Mother N.Y. co-founder Paul Malmstrom told Adweek. The agency felt the best way to find that influential voice to share with the people of New York was to ask those influential women firsthand.

The team at Mother created a survey and sent it out to 150 mothers and mother figures of Mother employees. The goal was to not only collect some great material for the campaign designed to honor all the moms out there, but also to thank all the employees for their hard work—the agency is even closing its office the Monday after the holiday. 

"Quite frankly just a bit of positivity, a bit of motherly love for New York and thinking that it can put a smile on people's faces and remind them that it's Mother's Day coming up, that will be a wonderful halo effect for the campaign," Mother N.Y. CEO Peter Ravailhe told Adweek.  

So if you're walking around New York this week, keep an eye out for that slightly stern, but always warm advice that comes straight from your mother's heart. 

"It's heartwarming that eventually our children listen to us. First they put us on their business cards… now they put us on their billboards. I did not expect this for Mother's Day. Power to moms! Now let's put the kettle on," Helen Ravailhe, mother of CEO Peter Ravailhe, said in an email.


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