Moms-to-Be Are Put in Harm’s Way

DALLAS Stone Ward Advertising’s new TV campaign for Baptist Health Women’s Center uses dangerous imagery to persuade pregnant women not to take risks when it comes to selecting a delivery hospital, the shop said.

Launched last Friday, the 30-second spot from the Little Rock, Ark., agency coincidentally broke the same day the National Ad Council released a series of controversial PSAs about breastfeeding that shows pregnant women in perilous settings.

While both campaigns use a similar bull-riding and pregnant woman theme, the Ad Council’s spots depict pregnant women in danger while the Stone Ward ad only alludes to trouble.

Stone Ward’s “Bull Rider” opens on a rodeo arena. As the announcer talks about an upcoming ride, we see a bull snorting in a cage. A women rider is then seen putting on gloves and adjusting her spurs. As the announcer calls her name, the camera widens and we see that she is pregnant. A voiceover then says, “You wouldn’t take this risk if you were pregnant. So why risk delivering your baby at just any hospital?” The spot ends with the tagline, “All our best.”

The ad for Arkansas’ largest healthcare provider will air throughout the state until the end of the year, the shop said.

Media spending was undisclosed.