Molson Talks Separately to Men, Women

ATLANTA Molson Ale has advanced its “twin-label technology” approach in a new print campaign breaking in May magazines.

The ads, from Maxxcom’s Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami, play up the separate yet linked ads that target men and women in the 21-25 age group.

In the May issue of Cosmopolitan, a handsome blond model is pictured with a pair of twin golden retriever puppies in his arms. He’s also clasping a Molson. Text, by copywriter Dave Schiff, reads, “His address: the intersection of confidence and compassion. His beer: Molson Canadian.”

In Playboy, FHM and Ramp, the “girl” ad is embedded in a complicated “science project” designed by CP+B art director Alex Burnard. According to associate creative director Bill Wright, this ad, which includes a small product shot, a copy of the Cosmo ad, a technical drawing of a woman radiating attraction for a Molson-drinking man, and some lengthy text in black and red letters, tells guys what Molson is doing for them. For example, text below the Cosmo ad gives the media price for a page ($179,630) in that magazine.

“We’re letting them know that while other beers are not doing much for their social life, we’re going to great personal expense to bring women into your love-basement grotto,” said Wright.

Sales for the Canadian brewery have risen 30 percent in the last six months, said Wright, since CP+B launched its twin-label campaign.