Moffatt/Rosenthal Tries Its Luck

Portland Agency Breaks Humorous TV Spots for Oregon Lottery
LOS ANGELES–The sense of anticipation that comes with playing the Oregon Lottery is highlighted in a new TV campaign from its agency, Moffatt/Rosenthal.
The Portland, Ore., shop has crafted three 30-second spots, currently airing in markets throughout the state, that use humor to convey that excitement.
In one spot, “Spin the Bottle,” a group of retirement home residents takes over a game room to play the age-old kissing game. As one elderly woman checks her hair, a male resident gives her a quick wink; a second man then uses some breath spray. The spot concludes with the campaign’s themeline: “Ever get that feeling something really good just might happen?” Several of the Oregon Lottery’s game titles, including Keno, Megabucks and Powerball, flash on screen, followed by its crossed fingers logo. “We can do that,” says a voiceover.
Moffatt/Rosenthal has handled the account for about four years, but this campaign is its first to support all of the Lottery’s games. “In the past, we’ve advertised individual games with individual campaigns,” said Rob Rosenthal, agency principal and creative director. “The goal of this campaign is to make people feel good about the Oregon Lottery.”
A second spot shows a woman nervously fidgeting as she prepares her poodle for a dog show. Peeking from behind a curtain, she sees the judges sport fluffy white hairdos identical to her pup’s. She confidently returns to her pet and encourages her to “rock ‘n’ roll.”
A third spot, which began airing earlier this year, shows a customer at a Chinese restaurant who tells the waiter he wants the chef to surprise him. The intrigued chef concocts an unusual meal using exotic ingredients. The customer looks on excitedly as the waiter brings him the customized dish.
The Oregon Lottery spent more than $2 million on advertising in 1997, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
The TV campaign will air through the remainder of the year.