Moffatt Leaves Portland Boutique to Start Anew

LOS ANGELES Al Moffatt, president and CEO of Moffatt/Rosenthal Advertising, said he has left the shop and is preparing to undertake a new agency venture.

Moffatt, 45, founded Moffatt/Rosenthal in Portland, Ore., in January 1991, along with vice president and creative director Rob Rosenthal, who now becomes president.

“Rob and I have a great relationship and I respect what he wants to do, but it’s different from what I want to do,” said Moffatt. “Moffatt/Rosenthal is a very good creative boutique. My vision was to create something beyond that.” In particular, Moffatt said he wants to operate on a business level with clients, and let the creative and production flow from that rather than starting with a creative idea. In addition, Moffatt said he is relocating to the Bay Area to be closer to his family.

Rosenthal did not return calls seeking comment.

According to Moffatt, the agency now has four employees, down from approximately 15 a year ago, and two clients: the Oregon Lottery and outdoor power equipment maker Shindaiwa. He will continue consult on both accounts, he said. Staff count is down due to attrition, he said, following client departures like Copper Mountain Trust, which was acquired by Union Bank of San Francisco; Oregon Scientific, which has stopped advertising; and Tektronix, which the shop split with after the client decided it was looking more for production and tactical support.

Moffatt said he is looking to build an agency in the Bay Area with people who share his vision.

Prior to forming Moffatt/Rosenthal, Moffatt was managing director at Cole & Weber in Portland. He also had account management duties at Chiat/Day, Ketchum and Grey, all in San Francisco.