Modernista! Repositions Hummer

The first campaign by Modernista! for General Motors’ Hummer introduces the tagline, “Hummer. Like nothing else.” The print effort is intended as a bridge to the introduction of a lower-priced model next year.

Hummer’s $100,000-plus H1 has not been advertised in the past year, but GM wanted to raise brand awareness before the launch of the less-expensive H2 model next July, said Marc Hernandez, Hummer brand manager. Spending was not disclosed, but Hummer’s budget was pegged at $20 million when Modernista! won the business last October in a review that included GM roster shops Pyro Brand Development in Dallas, the incumbent, and McCann-Erickson in Troy, Mich., as well as The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va.

Hummer is one of three fall campaigns on tap from 25-person Modernista! In coming weeks, the agency will also break its initial TV campaign for Roxio; spots will tout the company’s Toast software that lets consumers burn music CDs. Roxio print ads have featured headlines such as “Burn boy bands” and pictures of CDs on fire with the small tag, “Pure burn.”

Back-to-school commercials and print ads for the Gap are also upcoming; Modernista! produced holiday ads for the client last year as well as ads this past spring.

All four Hummer ads have different headlines but the same copy: “Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. And sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself. The legendary H1.”

Headlines include, “How did my soul get way out here?,” “What good is the world at your fingertips if you never actually touch it?,” “You can get fresh air lots of places, but this is the really good stuff.” and “Out here you’re nobody. Perfect.”

The Boston shop’s ads break Aug. 14 in a variety of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Spin and Esquire, and will run through year’s end.

Past Hummer work, was tagged, “The world’s most serious 4 x 4” and focused on the vehicle’s off-road capabilities and military attitude. The new ads attempt a more refined take, said Liz Vanzura, Hummer advertising director. Lance Jensen, co-founder of Modernista! and its creative director, said the ads attempt to be more believable through the use of journalistic-type photography, playing down he-man imagery.