Modernista! Maneuvers for Hummer

DETROIT Independent agency Modernista! this week unveiled new work for General Motors’ Hummer that continues the brand’s “Like nothing else” tagline, but uses a different visual presentation.

A spot from the Boston agency focuses on both the H2 SUV and the new H2 Sport Utility Truck models and will continue airing during the Summer Olympics broadcasts on NBC.

This ad, titled “Evolution,” introduces the SUT by using a kaleidoscopic visual treatment that morphs various images to convey both the style and function of the Hummer vehicles. The H2 transforms itself by folding, twisting and turning until the new SUT body style emerges.

“‘Evolution’ introduces the SUT by celebrating our new sheet metal in a fresh, modern and unique way,” said Liz Vanzura, director of marketing for Hummer, in a statement. “We feel the visual technique used in the ad will help cut through the clutter and be highly memorable.”

The client spends about $100 million on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

The other two new spots, which will debut in the coming months, also employ kaleidoscopic visuals.

The H2 SUT went on sale earlier this summer as a new version of the H2 that features a re-configurable rear cargo area. Hummer’s product lineup now consists of three models, the H1 derived from the military Humvee, the more contemporary H2 and the SUT.