Mobil Calls Hispanic Review

Mobil in Fairfax, Va., is initiating a review for its Hispanic marketing account currently at Ornelas & Associates in Dallas.
The client, working through the New York office of Chicago-based consultant Jones-Lundin Associates, has not identified any possible contenders, according to Mobil public affairs manager Susan Carter. She would not confirm billings, but sources placed the account at $5-10 million.
Carter said the review is part of a periodic examination of marketing relationships. Whether Ornelas will be invited to defend has not been determined, she said.
Ornelas president Victor Ornelas said, however, the client has informed him the decision to participate is up to the agency. “When we have received enough information about the review, and if it’s consistent with where we want to go, we will pursue it,” Ornelas said. “We haven’t made a decision yet.”
A timetable for the review process was still being determined last week. “We want to make a decision by the fall,” Carter said.
DDB Needham New York is Mobil’s general market agency. The company also works with minority-owned Burrell Communications Group in Chicago, which is responsible for African-American assignments.
Hispanic advertising is a mix of television, radio and print messages for Mobil’s estimated 7,700 retail locations and its gasoline and oil products, said Carter. Also, Mobil’s community outreach programs to the Latino and African-American audiences are handled through the minority agencies, she said.