M:Metrics Bows Mobile Ad Tracker

NEW YORK Mobile media research firm M:Metrics has introduced a new service designed to track the growing number of advertising campaigns on mobile devices.

The new service, M:AdTracker, provides third-party data on mobile advertising that is commonly compiled by brands and agencies when conducting competitive analysis in other media. Specifically, M:AdTracker can be used to pull reports on which advertisers are running mobile display ad campaigns, which mobile Web sites these campaigns are running on, and which products are being advertised. Though unlike many other competitive data services, M:AdTracker does not track spending on the still nascent medium.

The launch of M:AdTracker is the latest product offering from M:Metrics, which is aiming to become the leading researcher in the emerging mobile space (as is Telephia, which was acquired by Adweek parent The Nielsen Co. earlier this year). The firm already provides regular reports on mobile media usage—such as the size of the audience for mobile Web and mobile video—in the U.S. and multiple markets around the globe.

With more brands entering the mobile space, being able to track competitors’ activity is the logical next step, according to M:Metrics officials. “As advertisers are increasingly featuring mobile in their ad buys, they are clamoring for data about who’s advertising what, where and when,” said M:Metrics president and CEO Will Hodgman.

Hodgman said that the initial data pulled by M:AdTracker found that more than a dozen Fortune 100 companies are currently advertising on mobile Web sites, including several media companies, auto manufacturers and financial services firms.