MMB’s ‘Puppet Show’ for Capital One

NEW YORK Puppets host a show in which 12 costumed actors compete for the Capital One College Mascot of the Year in television spots from independent MMB in Boston.

“Buzz” Jackson and “Flip” McClain trade quips as the dirty dozen square off in the M Games in events detailed in three spots: “Old Maid,” “High Dive” and “Chainsaw.”

In the first, Herbie Husker (University of Nebraska) “goes all in. But is he bluffing?” asks Buzz. “What a poker face,” Flip replies as we get a close-up of Herbie’s inanimate features. He wins the hand and things turn ugly as the mascots start to brawl.

The “High Dive” spot has a twist: the mascots are aiming not for a swimming pool but a glass of water. Big Jay (Kansas), Smokey (Tennessee) and Butch T. Cougar (Washington State) jump from about 20 feet up, with inevitable results.

The competition really gets nasty in the final spot, in what Flip calls “The Mascot Chainsaw Massacre” before Buzz corrects him. All 12 are armed with chainsaws, initially cutting trees and carving statues from logs before the fur starts to fly, led by Sam the Minuteman (Massachusetts) looking like Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. “Mascots and chainsaws. Good concept, Flip,” offers Buzz.

Fortunately it’s all in good fun as viewers are directed to to get information about the college football Capital One Bowl in Orlando, Fla., on Jan. 2 and vote for their favorite mascot.

Jamie Mambro, Fred Bertino and Jerry Cronin served as creative directors; Patrick Lindsay wrote the copy; and Kerrie Seykora handled art direction.