MMB Tries Team Approach for Jiffy Lube

BOSTON McCarthy Mambro Bertino introduces the “J-Team” in new ads for Jiffy Lube breaking next week on CBS during the NCAA basketball tournament.

The campaign includes three 30-second TV spots; radio and print are also in the mix.

“The Walk” shows a team of Jiffy Lube technicians strutting in slow motion as music plays. A voiceover states, “When it comes to taking care of your car, one person isn’t enough. That’s why at Jiffy Lube we give you the team. The J-Team.” The spot concludes, “From changing oil to replacing taillight bulbs, all qualified, certified and unified. You’ll only find them at one place. Jiffy Lube.”

“The J-Team is an ensemble cast that puts a face on Jiffy Lube and differentiates the brand,” said MMB president and co-creative director Fred Bertino. The independent Boston shop began working for the Houston-based client in 2001.

The work retains the “Well-oiled machine” positioning MMB debuted for the client shortly after winning the account.

Jiffy Lube spends $15-20 million annually on ads, per CMR, and maintains more than 2,000 locations in North America.