MK Group Puts the Creative Duties On Its $3 Mil. Account in Review

By Matt Surman

NEW YORK–The MK Group, an independent business unit of Computer Associates which markets software to small and midsize manufacturers, is conducting a search for an agency to handle its account.

The Islandia, N.Y.-based client confirmed that it has met with Dweck & Campbell

here; Greenstone Roberts Advertising of Melville, N.Y.; and Kopf Zimmermann Schultheiss in Hauppage, N.Y., for a presentation of credentials.

The company is expected to select one of the three shops to handle creative duties on its estimated $3 million account within the next several weeks.

Incumbent shop Miller Business Communications in Exton, Pa., was not invited to defend the business.

‘It’s a geography issue. We’re bringing (a shop) closer, so we can work in partnership with an agency,’ said Gary Layton, marketing manager at the software maker.

The MK Group markets software such as MK Enterprise and MK Logistics, programs that help midsized manufacturers operate their companies.

Miller Business Communications’ most recent work for the client was an advertisement for the The MK Group’s inventory control software.

The new shop’s print advertisements will run in consumer magazines such as Forbes and Business Week, sources said, with about one-third of the ads appearing in trade periodicals.

The client handles media buying in-house, sources said.

Founded in 1976, Computer Associates is the second-largest independent software company in the world, trailing Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft. The company’s

revenues come primarily from the management of mainframe computer systems

for businesses.

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