MJZ’s Tom Kuntz’s first solo directing gig is,

MJZ’s Tom Kuntz’s first solo directing gig is, appropriately, a nutty Virgin Mobile spot by Fallon in New York showcasing “Reggie,” a televangelist-like preacher espousing the virtues of Paygoism, Virgin’s doctrine of eschewing contracts and allowing users to pay as they go. In the ad, which was shot last week in a vacant Los Angeles store, Reggie heals a customer with a golden phone as pyrotechnics explode around him. “Tom is outstanding when it comes to identifying and building a cast of characters,” says Bob Stohrer, vp, brand and communications for Virgin. There were no catastrophes on set, except: “It was a small space, and the pyrotechnics going off created a whole bunch of unfortunate smoke,” recalls cd Ari Merkin. “We were gasping for air, but other than that, no agency folk or client was harmed in the making of this commercial.” The spot breaks May 9.