Mitsubishi Electric “Air Hunter”

Steve McQueen’s son Fred is the “Air Hunter” in Ames Scullin O’Haire’s campaign for Mitsubishi Electric. He spends his time outdoors, traveling to gorgeously filmed exotic locales: arctic snowfields, lush tropical forests and sun-dappled beaches. Oddly, he’s trying to sell us on an energy-efficient indoor ductless cooling and heating system. The voiceover works hard to forge a link between his travels and the product’s attributes, but the imagery here heightens a fairly basic disconnect. The Air Hunter’s a robust, hearty adventurer, drinking in scents from the four corners of the globe. The family using the Mitsubishi system pales (literally and figuratively) by comparison. Sealed inside the muted hues of their remote-controlled, allergen-free environment, they smile contentedly, almost robotically…like folks in commercials. They should crack a window for a breath of fresh air. Or get out more. –David Gianatasio