‘MIT Technology Review’ Launches Digital Edition

BOSTON MIT Technology Review magazine this week launched its first fully interactive digital issue.

Beginning with the May 2003 issue, the digital version of the magazine will feature rich media animation, audio and video in both advertising and editorial content.

Technology Review subscribers receive an e-mail alert and then download the digital magazine—which is identical in editorial content to the print version—to their hard drives. Using Flash, Quicktime and other programs, the new embedded ads offer animation and sound. Users also can click on links to the advertisers’ Web sites.

“They can take what’s in 2-D in the print version and bring it to life with video,” said Bruce Journey, president and CEO of Technology Review in Cambridge, Mass.

The May issue kicks off with embedded ads from General Motors and Novell. Other advertisers include Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Subaru and Qualcomm.

In the future, users may be able to access special promotions through the ads, or listen to the magazine’s content instead of reading, Journey said.

To date, about 15,000 of Technology Review‘s 350,000 subscribers have signed up for the digital edition, Journey said.

Back-end technology is provided by Zinio Systems, Brisbane, Calif.