Miss. Bank Goes 5 for 5

With help from chickens, dancing dishes and an astronaut, Deposit Guaranty National Bank today launched its first comprehensive image campaign.
Maris, West & Baker in Jackson, Miss.–Deposit Guaranty’s hometown agency of record for the last 16 years–developed the campaign of five 30-second TV spots and as many print ads.
Deposit Guaranty’s recent growth into larger, more competitive markets like New Orleans prompted a new message, per MW&B creative director Eric Hughes, who worked on the project with art director Kelsey Rickenbaker.
While reviewing the bank’s past ads, MW&B discovered five ways people use money: purchases, investments, borrowing, business operations and account transfers. The agency crafted an ad for each.
In “Chickens,” computer-generated poultry pop out of a cash register while the voiceover describes how the bank allows customers to make purchases. “There haven’t been this many ways to pay for things since chickens were legal tender,” says the voiceover.
Forks, spoons and dishes maneuver their way into a complete table setting with no apparent help from humans in “Lunch.” That spot promotes the bank’s “menu of services” that simplify operating a business.
“Astronaut” shows a space walker receiving an audio update on his investment portfolio as stray satellites and UFOs whiz by.
The commercials break on spot network and cable TV in major markets in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas.