Mintz Touts Cignature Program Online, Offline

BOSTON Mintz & Hoke said it has developed a direct and online effort for Cigna HealthCare’s Cignature program that is designed to simplify a potentially bewildering array of features for brokers and potential customers.

The goal is to show how the offerings can be tailored to meet the individual needs of any company, according to the independent agency in Avon, Conn.

Mailers employ an unusual format with five “flaps” that place information in easily manageable categories, with a question on the outside and information on the inside. Five cards inside the package each present additional details, and the piece ultimately directs employers to a Web site for more complete information and planning options.

On the site,, Mintz developed tools to help users consolidate their preferences into a single, customized plan and generate a report they can review with a Cigna representative.

—Adweek staff report