Mintz Launches Print for Pratt

Mintz & Hoke is launching a national campaign for longtime signature client Pratt & Whitney. The print effort, dubbed “Photo Journalism,” uses news-service imagery to convey the role the company’s military engines play in the war against terrorism.

The ads, which carry no tagline, represent the first major campaign for the client in several years. The work is geared toward the military establishment, congressional leaders and defense contractors.

One execution shows a group of U.S. soldiers walking toward Kandahar International Airport in Afghanistan; smaller photos of various aircraft that use the engines are shown alongside.

“Today, teamwork has a whole new meaning,” the copy reads, ex plaining the company’s ability to cooperate with governments, wea p ons developers and suppliers around the world, in addition to manufacturing dependable engines.

“The ad shows that Pratt understands, accepts and will continue to exceed what is expected of them in terms of performance,” said Bill Field, executive vp, director of client services at Mintz & Hoke.

Two other executions—one using a photo of New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the other featuring a satellite image of an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan—are slated to break later this summer, Field said.

The campaign is running as two-page spreads in military publications such as Aviation Week, Armed Forces Journal and Marine Corps Gazette, as well as newspapers in the Washington, D.C., area. The budget is in the low seven figures.

Pratt & Whitney, an East Hartford, Conn.-based division of United Technologies, has handled advertising through Mintz & Hoke since 1988. The Avon, Conn., agency also works for UT units Hamilton Sundstrand and Sikorsky.