Mintz Introduces ‘Notch Guy’

Ex-Cronin Copywriter Helps Create Connecticut Telephone Spots
BOSTON–Attempting to get good phone service can drive a person to do some crazy things, particularly if that person is just nine paces away from the state that offers the phone service he wants.
That’s the idea behind Mintz & Hoke’s first television ads for Connecticut Telephone, which feature the antics of “Vernon Roy, The Notch Guy,” who lives in the tiny “Notch” section of Massachusetts that dips into Connecticut.
Aiding in that effort was senior copywriter Greg Edwards, who recently joined Mintz & Hoke, Avon, Conn., from rival shop Cronin & Co. in Glastonbury, Conn., where he held the same title. Chuck Borghese, chief creative officer of Mintz & Hoke, directed the ads. Su Strawderman served as the senior art director and Karin Mondshein was the producer.
Three 30-second spots depict Roy doing everything he can think of to get Connecticut Telephone service, including using a sled dog to move the sign indicating the Connecticut state line and taking a job in Connecticut that involves wearing a containment suit. The tagline is: “Connecticut Telephone: Hey, you wanna get that?”
“We’re in a situation where we’re trying to create as much awareness as possible,” said Borghese, adding that the agency wanted to focus in particular on Connecticut Telephone’s full-service offerings. The campaign also includes two print ads, which take the form of humorous letters written by Roy to the phone company, as well as two radio spots. Ads broke last week and will run statewide through March 2001.
The Wallingford, Conn., client previously relied on freelancers and in-house support to develop ads, which featured the tagline: “Clearing up communications.”
“The company is growing very rapidly, and we needed to elevate ourselves,” said Connecticut Telephone president Joe Mazzarella. He declined to give specifics regarding budget, other than to say, “It’s fairly substantial for this market.”
The client’s competitors include SNET, Bell Atlantic, AT&T and MCI Worldcom.