Mintz & Hoke Unveils Sikorsky VH 92 Ads

BOSTON Mintz & Hoke combines tradition and technology in a new print campaign for Sikorsky Aircraft’s VH 92 Presidential helicopter.

One headline reads, “There’s a tradition for Marine One. It’s called perfection.” The copy reads, “The Sikorsky VH-92 was bred to belong to the elite squadron that flies Marine One. It’s the only helicopter certified to the latest FAA requirements for safety. It utilizes the most advanced avionics and dynamic systems. And it comes from a long line of helicopters that have served U.S. presidents with honor, courage and commitment.”

Another headline says, “When you’re chosen to fly the president, there can be no learning curve.”

The effort has the tagline, “Tough. Safe. Ready.”

Ads from the Avon, Conn., independent agency break this month in Aviation Week, Defense News and other vertical publications. Spending was not disclosed.