Mintz & Hoke Goes Fast Forward With Pratt

BOSTON Mintz & Hoke’s latest print work for Pratt & Whitney combines almost mind-bending visuals with simple design elements and minimal copy to portray the overall scope of the aviation and aerospace company.

One execution, headlined “Faster,” shows colorful lines of light zipping through space. We could be looking at a bustling downtown thoroughfare or the inner workings of an advanced data network: either way, the image communicates the idea of heightened velocity. Copy makes the point, “Helping make your business more nimble—that is the true value of speed.”

A second ad, “Greener,” depicts golden waves of flowers leading up to green hills and a cloudless blue sky. “Being green is the future of business,” copy states. “And we’re bringing it to you now.” The executions conclude with the tagline, “Powering change.”

The overall goal is to underscore the ways in which Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies, brings advantages to all types of customers, no matter how they work with the company.

The ads from the independent shop in Avon, Conn., are appearing in publications such as Aviation Week and Flight International.