Mintz & Hoke ‘Finds a Way’ for Webster Bank

Mintz & Hoke evolves its “We find a way” positioning in a new campaign for Webster Bank.

One new 30-second TV spot, along with a revised version of a commercial that ran last year, is airing throughout the fall. They bring back University of Connecticut men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun and show how the bank can help families maintain financial well-being in order to allow time for the more important things in life.

This time around, the agency uses Calhoun’s celebrity to promote the bank’s commitment to its customers. “People in Connecticut see Couch Calhoun as a man of great integrity—he’s genuinely loved here,” said agency copywriter Chuck Borghese. “We’ve linked the way the coach approaches his work to how the bank approaches theirs.”

A big part of this year’s media buy will include upcoming broadcasts of basketball games. Media chores are handled by Avon, Conn.-based Mintz.

The new spot shows Calhoun removing the training wheels from his son’s bike and then teaching him how to ride. “Think about a bank,” a voiceover says. “A bank unlike any other. One that goes the extra mile. A bank of people who ask the right questions. Who listen. Who come to you with the right solutions. A bank like Webster where people will help you reach your goals. So you can help those you care about reach theirs.”

The spot closes with the tagline, “We find a way.” One of last year’s spots, which showed the coach teaching a group of children how to tie their sneakers and then how to play basketball, was re-edited to include the same voiceover.

Print and outdoor ads that also feature Calhoun are planned.

Spending was not disclosed. The Waterbury, Conn., client spent about $2 million on ads in 2001 and slightly more than $1 million in the first six months of 2002, according to CMR.