Mintz & Hoke Builds on CertainTeed Campaign

Mintz & Hoke has released new advertising for CertainTeed which focuses on the client’s ability to alleviate homeowners’ anxiety over remodeling.

A TV spot features the “Obsessive Homeowner” character introduced in previous M&H commercials for the Valley Forge, Pa., client.

In the latest spot, the homeowner defends his obsessive research into home remodeling as simply being “thorough.” He is shown helping his parents renovate their retirement home; his father states that, after a week of researching contractors online, he settled on CertainTeed, which, viewers find out, had been recommended all along by his son.

The CertainTeed name and product listings—for roofing, fencing, siding, windows and insulation—closeout the new spot, which will air on cable networks such as HGTV, ESPN, the Discovery Channel and the Weather Channel.

The purpose of the effort, is to generate empathy among homeowners who are remodeling or adding to their houses, according to Andrew Wood, director of marketing at the Avon, Conn., agency. This strategy stems from agency research showing that the most common emotion of homeowners following renovation is not pride, but relief.

“It’s probably the most angst-ridden thing a homeowner can do,” said Wood.

In addition to the TV effort, print ads will appear in Better Homes & Gardens, Country Home, Women’s Day Home Remodeling and several other publications. The couple also appears on CertainTeed’s Web site and in brochures.

“The couple has become the homeowner’s voice for this brand,” Wood said.

Overall annual spending for CertainTeed, which M&H has handled for nearly three years, is in the $5-mil-lion range, agency officials said.