Mintz, Devine Fashion Web Support

BOSTON Independent shops Mintz & Hoke and Devine & Pearson have launched online efforts for, respectively, Cyber X Gaming and Costa Fruit & Produce.

Avon, Conn.-based Mintz has crafted a Web presence for Cyber X, a newly formed online gaming company. Gamers can use the site ( to sign up for various tournaments and trade news and tips. A key goal is to enhance the online gaming experience by allowing participants to communicate and establish a social forum, the agency said.

Separately, Devine has designed a site ( for Costa Fruit & Produce, a leading distributor of produce and perishables in the Northeast. The client is located in Boston.

The Quincy, Mass.-based shop has customized the site to meet the needs of chefs, food-service directors and cafeteria managers. The offering provides information about the supply of produce, seafood and dairy products, ethnic specialties and decorative items. An online ordering system, database management tools and an e-mail newsletter are also in the mix.