Minnesota Lottery Rallies Vikings Fans for an Epic Battle in Ad for Its New Scratch-Off Game

Persicope's first work for the organization

Football season is almost here, and for Minnesota Vikings fans it also means there's a new Vikings-themed scratch-off game from the Minnesota Lottery to help kick team spirit into high gear. 

As part of its new campaign for the lottery, Periscope's first work for the organization as its agency of record, the scene opens on a group of Vikings fans standing in a field prepared for some sort of epic Viking-style battle. Dressed head to toe in the team's gear, faces painted, and with shields and swords, the crew is ready for something big. 

"We've got an itch to win, and there's a new way to scratch," says the leader before the pumped-up fans set off to fight their opponents.

"We are tapping into Viking lore, making it feel a little more epic than a regular lottery spot," said Periscope creative director Scott Dahl. "This is an opportunity where we can get together, get fired up and have some fun."  

One of the main goals of the campaign is to tap into a new audience of lottery players, and Vikings fans seemed like the perfect fit. Another goal with the new work is to turn the lottery into more of a team sport than an individual one. "We want to encourage a group of people to play and experience that excitement together," Dahl said.

Earlier this summer, the Minnesota Lottery kicked off its partnership with the Vikings with an event at the team's training camp. Fans sitting in the hot sun in need of some water or shade could tweet #VikingShipMe to receive a special delivery—a Minnesota Lottery Viking arrived on a scooter with packages including signed memorabilia, TVs and more.