Mindshare Starts Content Marketing Practice

Taps agency veteran Stacy Minero to run it

Mindshare’s Stacy Minero wants advertisers to think about content marketing even before they brief their agencies on brand strategy.

That’s because the solution may be an online video, a custom magazine or a TV show—not necessarily an ad. And in her new role as the agency’s head of content marketing and strategic partnerships for the U.S., Minero is well positioned to make that happen.

Minero also plans to use analytics to demonstrate the effectiveness of branded content. “More rigor and research,” as she put it, can demonstrate the power of branded content to even the most skeptical of marketers.

Previously, Minero served as managing director of communications planning at Mindshare, focusing on the agency’s American Express account. Her success developing branded content for that client—including an on-demand TV channel last year—made her the logical choice to lead content marketing for the agency.

Mindshare also has helped create online videos for Royal Caribbean and a custom magazine for Cisco.

CMOs today are open to experimenting with content like never before—and that underscores the opportunity before Mindshare.

As Antony Young, CEO of Mindshare North America, explained, “Every client is saying to us, ‘Tell us how to innovate—tell us what we need to do differently.’”