Milwaukee’s Best Light Gives Canned Response

NEW YORK At long last, beer cans get their revenge.

A comedic TV effort from Mother here for Milwaukee’s Best Light shows a guy getting crushed by a giant Best Light can.

In four 15-second spots and one 30-second commercial, the work asserts, “Men should act like men and light beer should taste like beer.” This marks the second Milwaukee’s Best Light campaign from Mother featuring that tagline. The agency, which won the beer business two years ago, first introduced the positioning in TV ads last year.

“We keep exploring new ways to illustrate that campaign line. We thought the smart thing to do was do another round because it was so well received last year,” said Rob Baird, who served as art director on the work. For the latest spots, Mother strived “to add a little more visual interest,” he said.

The new work pushes the comedy further with a six-pack and a triple crush. In one spot, a man testing his trampoline gets the giant can treatment; in another, a guy wearing animal print underwear gets crushed. Other scenarios include men who can’t put up a tent properly getting crushed by a six-pack and a guy who fails to catch a beer tossed to him. The 30-second commercial features a three-can crush at a convenience store parking lot. The first guy to feel the Milwaukee wrath brings out wine coolers, the second claims that the can is “too big” and the other complains, “It was heavy.”

The ads began running last week in spot markets.