Millward Brown to Copy-Test Net Ads

NEW YORK Millward Brown said it would begin offering agencies a copy-testing service for their Web advertising.

DigitalLink is similar to services the WPP Group market research firm already offers for television, print, outdoor and radio ad campaigns. Advertisers and agencies submit creative executions, which are tested via a user survey to see if they achieve a campaign’s branding objectives. Test results can be completed in as little as two weeks.

DigitalLink is the first collaboration between Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic, the Web advertising brand research firm Millward Brown bought in June. Both Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic will sell the service to their clients.

The service rolls out Nov. 1 to a test group, and will be widely available soon afterwards. Cadbury Schweppes is among the first to use the tool.

Ken Mallon, vice president of product development at Dynamic Logic, said copy-testing techniques would become more important in online advertising as campaigns grow in size and significance in marketing plans.

“It becomes increasingly important to have it right up front,” he said. “The stakes are higher.”