Miller Ads Rename Light Beer Brand — BSB Campaign Breaks ‘GD Light’ Spots Touting the Brand’s Bar Name

ILWAUKEE – Not unlike its competitor Bud Light, Miller Brewing Co. last week took steps to shorte….n a new campaign by Backer Spielvogel Bates/N.Y., the brewer tells consumers to call the brand ‘GD Light.’ Four 15-second spots establish GD Light as the brand’s bar call. The new campaign also uses a new tagline: ‘Say No More.”We simply wanted to make it easier for the consumer to call for it in a bar,’ said Genuine Draft brand manager Alan Smith. ‘It’s a long name. In a bar situation, it helps to have it shortened.’Miller isn’t the first beer product to shorten its name either in its advertising or on the product itself. When Anheuser-Busch was developing a light version of its Budweiser brand, the company tinkered with Budweiser Light before shortening it to Bud Light.The campaign uses humorous situations to show off the new bar call. In one spot, a guy sits down at the bar and is suddenly put in slow motion as he orders a Genuine Draft Light. The only sound that comes out of his mouth is the letter G. A voiceover then tells consumers to ask for GD Light by name.’The tagline, ‘Say No More,’ still has an attitude for the brand,’ Miller’s Smith said. Genuine Draft has a slightly younger skew than Miller’s flagship brew Lite.Last year, Genuine Draft Light was the fastest growing light beer, according to figures from industry publication Impact. The brand shipped 2 million barrels in 1992, up a 53.8% over 1991.Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)