In The Midday Sun Of The ‘Net

Mad Dogs & Englishmen launched a Web site this month which promotes the irreverent philosophy of the small New York shop by revealing bizarre facts about its staff and clients.
The site is designed like a board game: Browsers progress to the finish line by answering questions about Mad Dogs’ clients and staff. A correct answer gets you a bone, an incorrect one produces a “bad dog” admonishment.
Samples of the multiple-choice questions include the tame: “Vegetarians are to McDonald’s as ‘normal people’ are to which publication?” (The answer is The Village Voice); and the weird: “1/10th of a gram of creosote lays [sic] embedded in the face of this Mad Dog.” (Account executive Paula Beer ran into a telephone pole as a child.)
Copywriter Mikal Reich, a self-proclaimed Web-hater, designed the site ( to give browsers a controlled tour of the company’s work and a compelling reason to keep clicking. -Teresa Andreoli