Midas Is Repairing More Than 1,000 Donated Cars and Giving Them to Families in Need

'Project Spark' helps those who couldn't afford to stay on the road

Midas is giving repaired vehicles to families, veterans and first responders in need of a car. Midas
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For some people, getting to work or school on time can be a job in itself. That’s because more than 10 million American households do not have a car, according to US Census Bureau data from 2016.

While mass transit and the rise of ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have made it easy for some—particularly city dwellers—to forgo owning an automobile, others simply cannot afford to have one. This can often mean hours spent agonizing over how to get from point A to point B, something many of us take for granted.

That’s why automotive service chain Midas is partnering with 1-800-Charity Cars, a nonprofit that donates vehicles to struggling families. Through an initiative dubbed “Project Spark,” Midas has vowed to provide repairs—including parts and labors—for vehicles donated through the charity. According to the brand, the nationwide initiative will help more than 1,000 families, veterans and first responders across the country.

The project has already kicked off in Philadelphia, where three families were recently surprised with donated cars. Together with The Martin Agency, Midas has created a campaign that tells the stories of these families and why they are each deserving of a car to call their own.

One video features a man named Dorsey, who lost his job a few years ago and whose wife is a breast cancer survivor. Because of their recent struggles, the pair and their two kids couldn’t afford to repair their car when it broke down. His family was gifted a 2008 Buick Lucerne by 1-800-Charity Cars and Midas to help them get back on their feet.

Another features Jasmine, a single mother who works two jobs and spends up to five hours a day on a bus to get around. She is given a 2011 Ford Escape to help provide a better life for her kids.

A third film tells the story of Tim, a veteran who spends his time bringing awareness to and raising funds for families of fallen officers. After losing everything in a house fire in 2013, his family couldn’t afford to keep their car. His family received a repaired 2007 Honda Accord along with new car seats.

“It isn’t every day in advertising that you get to make an immediate impact in someone’s life,” said Deric Nance, associate creative director at The Martin Agency. “And our client sees this as more than just ‘corporate responsibility.’ It’s a complete shift on how Midas sees themselves in the world.”

“Project Spark was created to honor Midas’ heritage of being a good neighbor and to always be a touch better,” added Brian LePorin, vice president of marketing at Midas. “By providing necessary repairs such as a set of new tires, an inspection or an oil change on donated vehicles, Project Spark lets Midas help others by doing what it does best: fix cars.”


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